Overview - Flagpole Christmas Trees - Sectional Alu Pole 6m / 20 ft. - Silver
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  •  Easy and quick to build.
  •  Env2-year warranty and after sales service.
  •  The 6 meter flagpole is also for you to use with its own flag.
  •  Against all-weather resistant.
  •  Easy to store in their own sturdy packaging.
  •  Only to be ordered in combination with our flagpole lighting.
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Sectional Alu pole 6m - silver - 1 20 feet 1 inches
€ 99,00
All prices are incl. 21% VAT. The height of the tree is from the metal foot (bottom) up to the top of the artificial Christmas tree. Tree is incl. metal foot.
Especially for the trees flagpole 6 meter standard and deluxe model you can buy for £ 99.95 a 6-meter-high flagpole from us. This mast you can place yourself, by stacking the different pieces together and you can put your flagpole where you want. And then in about 30 minutes you have the flagpole Christmas tree hoisted. Information how to build up the flagpole: Feed the halyard through the pulley. Screw the gold ball into the threaded hole at the top of the truck. Tighten the nut holding the ball in the truck. Slip the truck down over the top of the pole. Tighten the set screw holding the truck on to the pole. Notice that screw at the top of the truck. It is a set screw meant to bear down on the stem of the gold flagpole ball. You can tighten it down as well. Don't make it too tight because it bears down on the ball's threads. You have the nut holding on the ball anyway. The rope cleat is already pre-mounted for you on the pole. No need to drill any holes. Once you have the truck mounted, lay the halyard down alongside the length of the pole in preparation for raising it. Lay out all your sections in preparation for fitting them together. Simply slip the skinny end of one pole section into the fat end of the section above it. The skinny end is called the swedged end. The pole sections simply slip together. Before you raise the pole, tie the halyard off around the cleat so you are not tripping over it when you raise the pole.
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Sectional Alu pole 6m - silver - 1
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