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Utah LED
Example Utah and Utah LED with christmas balls
If you are looking for a larger tree the Large Artificial Christmas Tree Utah is the best choice. This high quality tree comes in the sizes 10 ft. (300cm), 12 ft. (360cm) and 15 ft. (450cm). If you need a higher tree you should check our Giant trees, for trees from 4,4 meter - 12 meter. The tree has heavy-duty PVC tips that require no additional shaping for the life of the tree, and will not crush during storage. It has a strong steel centre pole, and the stainless steel cores in each tip support the heaviest of ornaments. Just connect the different parts, hook-on the branches and your tree is ready! In the demonstration film you can see more details about this tree. The tree is always packed in a strong storage box, so you can easily pack and store the tree after the holidays. Of course this tree is made off flame retardant material for your safety. On the detail photos beneath you can see how beautifully detailed the branches of this tree are.

The Utah tree is for inside use but can also be placed outside. The lighting is for inside use aswell for outside use. However the foot from the utah is meant and made for inside use , but if you want to place your utah outside we recommend that you assemble the artificial Christmas tree as sturdy as possible.

This tree can also be supplied with 1776 lamps warm LED lighting or Connector lighting. This lighting is GS tested and saves up to 70% energy. Please note that this is not a Pre-Lit tree, the lighting is ordered with the tree. You have to hang it in the tree by yourself.
Products: Height: Width: Price:
Utah Premium PVC 300 - 60300 - 28 10 feet 63 inches
€ 295,00
Utah Premium PVC 300 - 700 Connector - 28 10 feet 63 inches
€ 417,50
Utah Premium PVC 300 - LED 1776 lights - 28 10 feet 63 inches
€ 590,00
Utah Premium PVC 360 - 60360 - 30 12 feet 69 inches
€ 379,00
Utah Premium PVC 360 - 1000 Connector - 28 12 feet 69 inches
€ 554,00
Utah Premium PVC 360 - LED 1776 lights - 28 12 feet 69 inches
€ 674,00
All prices are incl. 21% VAT. The height of the tree is from the metal foot (bottom) up to the top of the artificial Christmas tree. Tree is incl. metal foot. - Available - 24 hours shopping ! Share this:


  • Premium Quality
  • Best price for large tree!
  • Heavy-duty PVC tips
  • Natural look
  • Detailed branches
  • Hook-on construction
  • Clear description
  • Strong storage box
  • Connector max. 5x connectable
  • Flame retardant
  • Including strong metal foot
  • 300cm: 2 x boxes
  • 360cm: 2 x boxes
  • 450cm: 1 x pallet
Built up time
Opbouwtijden Giant Tree
Technical information
Technische informatie verlichting:
warm LED verlichting Utah Connector lights Utah verlichting Utah
warm LED of Connector verlichting
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Giant Trees from 4.4 meters with LED
Giant Trees met warm LED 4,4m t/m 14,2m

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Utah Premium PVC 360 - 60360 - 30
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